Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woven paper beads

As I am always intriged to learn new things, this time I ordered a tutorial from Papermode on Etsy.
I bought a cuttermap, a good nife and a spray to coat the beads.  And I started looking for paper.
The first paper I found was the cover of a notebook that belonged to my daughter (a long time ago).
Soft blue with some green and red flowers.  Made very nice beads and combined them in a very delicate necklace.
The second try-out was with an old comicbook.  I made  a pair of earrings that look very nice.
Thanks to Papermode for sharing their knowlegde !


  1. echt leuk sandra, ben ook aan het experimenteren met papieren juwelen...en ben gek op die gevouwen dingen...

  2. WOW!!!! Great results!!! You did this for the first time??? Amazing creations!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. wonderful! you arranged these beads to a lovely necklace!


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