Thursday, March 4, 2010

Into paperbeads this week

Very small and xl paperbeads found on a market in Entebe (Uganda) pimped with coral, magnesite and turqoise gemstones
You can buy these beauties in Do's shop

I love these small blue paperbeads !

These paperbeads are so thin, wonder how they can make them so perfect !


inge said...

sandra je maakte er weer schoonheden van, heb er ondertussen ook gereserveerd...succes met verkopen, je verdient het :-)

Michela said...

They would look perfect on a tanned skin!
Love the green one!

JuanitaTortilla said...

They are incredible because they look so much like wood / bamboo !!!
Do you think they use machines to make the XS ones? They look perfect! Even little fingers will find that difficult to make, I think...

Mami said...

I love these ccolor.and nice naterial from Uganda(Wow!!)

Juana said...

Lovely! they were my obsession some months ago; I made a lot, but not so perfect and finished like those one!
Have a nice day...and something for you is on the way!hehe!