Monday, March 15, 2010

The New European Street Team Challenge 'dream destination and its colors'

I am very proud to be chosen by Sabine from La Marquise des Anges as the winner of the
Sense and Textures challenge of the European Street Team.

Less than one year ago I never had heard of Etsy, European Street Team, nor bloggers that craft or crafters that blogged.
A whole new world openend to me, and I love it.
Hosting this challenge and knowing that I take off at the end of the week for a holiday I would like
to set the theme for this week :
  'dream destination and its colors'

Due to my job as a travelagent I am very curious about how people experience a destination in all its facets.

Submit your entry that has to be an item listed or created during the current week.
Mail or convo me on

 Surprise me and my blogreaders !

Join the fun and spread the word !

1.We have the first entry : Evelyne from Sumikoshop 

 She was inspired by Hawaii ! A very bright colored destination indeed !  Who wouldn't dream of visiting this place ?

2. Dear Inge from Heritagedecouleurs has surprised me with 2 entries. It's her dream to travel to Tibet and I hope her dream will come true.
She used the Touaregs from Morrocco to inspire her to make very beautiful earrings.

3. This entry is made by Samantha from Sassafrasvitrolica.  She lives in Valence (France) and is longing for some warmth as the wetter is still very cold.  She made this painting reminding her of her honeymoon to Tunesia.

4.  Alecia from Arctida is totally tempted by the sunsets in Jamaica. She also has spent her honeymoon at this wunderful destination.  The color of the earrings match the colors of the sunset.

5. Eva from AngelPearls : I dream of travel to the beautiful, warm, pretty place of Spring..It can be everywhere..

This particular cherry tree grows on the childrens school yard and inspired me to make this Soft Pink Romance Bracelet !

6. Viktoria from Donauluft her dreamdestination is not further then a 100 steps from her kitchen : her garden, that is reconquered today from Mr Winter.  The earrings look a bit like buds and match very well the color of the pillows.

7.  Dawn from LaTouchables is fond of mountain areas and glaciers.
Wild nature !

8. Sabine from La Marquise des Anges loves the Greek Blue color.  Crete is her favorite destination.

9. Priscilla from Bijouxdellestregatto is also a fan of Greece ! She loves the blue from the beautiful houses in Santorini.

Number 9 is Feyza from Ikabags a fan of Turkey because of its wunderful nature in the Butterfly Valley.

10. Ira from Iragrant is a fan from the lush green Ireland !

11. This entry is made by Rachel from Labspace ! She is also inspired by green (would everybody know that this is my favorite color ?). But the green of jungles, either in the Amazone region or in China, maybe due to her ancestrial roots ?

11. Nevena from Nevita knits, if possible, outside with behind her the panorama of her village.

12. Dream away with Rita from Alatvian to Buenos Aires.  Her brooch is inspired by the wonderful colors in this country.

Lucky number 13 ? Sent in by Eve from creationsbyeve ! This picture of 'les rues de Paris et les chateaux' inspired her too make this lovely brooch.

14. Lucie from Lucietales loves to stroll around little fishersmans villages - here I used one of my own pictures - made last summer : the typical fishermans houses in Biganos near the Bassin d'Arcachon in the french Gironde.

15. The mysterious Frances from Matchstickgirl is temped by inky blue destinations in the middle of nowhere.

16. Stefania from Gufobardo is swept away by Africa and it's warm colors and people.

17. From one continent to another ! Here's the entry by Judit from MadebyCsJ. She loves to travel to Spain and got inspired by Flamenco.

18.  Ana from RosemaryManufacture is very orinigal and designed her own  destination : Gothic City - a mysterious and dark city in the 19th Century.

19.  Bai from Thongbai Tatong made a shirt that perfectly matches the scenery of Holland.

20. Also Nancy from NancyvdBoom is a fan of Holland, more particulary the region of Twente.

21. Ester and Estella from Staroftheeast took the challenge and choose for Japan (they live in one of my favorite destinations !)

22. Alexandra from Rabamata is living in beautiful Italy and shares her dream destination with us : the Amalfi coast of Italy.

23. Inger from Ingermaaike lives in the cold northern part of Europe and dreams away with the colorful carnivals in the Caribbean.

24. Whereever and whenever the sun shines makes Marta from Martice happy ! I can only join this motto !

25. This challenge wouldn't be complete without the entry of Carita from Jealousydesign ! In her ring you can see tropical islands, enchanted nature and lovely weather.

26. Petronella from P8Accessories used colors that are linked to India ! So lets see for a nice picture on her favorite destination.


Green Hand Studio said...

yeah!! great theme!
Let's see if I manage to partecipate!!!!

Kim van Waardenburg said...

gefeliciteerd !!! Ik hoop deze keer zeker mee te doen.

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

wonderful theme !!!

Kreativlink said...

Congrats! Beautiful theme it is!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

A wonderful theme, and congratulations!!!

gr8jewellery said...

Congrats on winning! :)

Wonderful new theme! I really look forward to seeing everyone's entries, and hope I manage one too.

inge said...

schitterend Sandra, wat ben ik blij voor jou !! :-)...hoop zeker mee te doen...

JuanitaTortilla said...

Hi Sandra! Congratulations on being chosen!

Do you mean I submit a selection from your work? Or my work? Or anyone from the European street team?
I already have a travel destination in my mind :) Now I have to find a product item!

Hey, I've joined the European Street Team a long time ago. Until now, I don't see my name included. OH WELL :(

Nicole said...

A great choice of theme!

Olivia said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award!

I would like to join in with your fantastic theme 'dream destination and its colors' but I'm a bit unsure of the details?

[csé:jé] said...

Congrats on winning!
The new theme is great and very inspiring!

Michela said...

Many congratulations Sandra!!!!

Kuutydruk said...

Big congrats! :) I'd like to take a part again :)

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Congrats! wonderful theme!

Epp said...

Wonderful new theme! I will do my best to take part in the team challenge this week. I got and IDEA, which is already half the battle, I guess. :-)

Greetings from Frankfurt am Main, Germany,


Viktoria said...

It was exactly the same experience for me! less than one year, till I joined etsy I was a complete internet newbie. By and by I learnt so much! The next is to look through that Team Challenge system. I hope I can manage to be part of your´s.

sesiber said...

Great and colorful themes!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Such great crafters and candidates! I am almost too afraid to join...

Arctida said...

Great theme! iI'm so in :)

Angel.Pearls said...

Congrats! Great theme..I'd like to take part! Love//Eva

IKABAGS said...

Congrats on winning! :)

Really great and beautiful theme

ira said...

What a fantastic entries for this perfect challenge Sandra, thanks for adding me!:)

Ana Matusevic said...

Wow, wonderful theme!
Have to participate this time!

LabSpace said...

I'm really loving all these colours, they are evocative and take me "on trips"!

matchstickgirl said...

what a great theme !!! IM going to go totally surreal with mine !!!

matchstickgirl said...

i think you are a visual guru ...lovely match thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stefania Morgante said...

all layouts are wonderful! my ring with african faces is stunning, thank you, you have a magic touch!

Ana Matusevic said...

Fantastic entries!
Just sent my new piece for the challenge :)

Nina said...

Gefeliciteerd! &WOW , what a wonderful theme and responses!! So much so that I wrote a (little*) blog post about this post, suggesting people get to this oasis here for a sip if they're thirsty for inspiration : ) Well done, everyone!

Unknown said...

Thank you for including my belated entry! I am in wonderful company, I like your chosen theme a lot!

Paperfection said...

Great theme and entries!!

Olivia said...

What a great theme and such beautiful entries!! I completely ran out of time to send you something but I'm so happy just to see this collection.
Have a lovely holiday!

Olga said...

Wow, what an amazing idea! Very beautiful project! So many wonderful ideas and inspiration!