Thursday, October 15, 2015

Long time no read!

It has been rather quiet on my blog lately.  Less time to blog or read blogs. Working much more with my iPhone or iPad instead of with a normal PC makes writing of blogpost less efficient.  On the other hand, making pics with the phone and posting them on Facebook or Instagram is very, very easy and quick. Lazy me! 
Still crocheting, as you can see.  These are my newest designs made with Guttermann yarn, takes about 10 hours to crochet one.  They are all OOAK.

Took up an old passion again: knitting! Following one year of evening class for advanced knitting.  Love it!


JoChapeau said...

Stilzitten is niet aan u besteed he :-)

Els said...

prachtig !

Lucie Tales said...

So many beauties! I love the tiny post earrings too! Glad to read that you came back to knitting :-) XXX