Thursday, February 4, 2016

Knit, knitting, knits, knitted ...

As I started knitting classes last September I've got totally addicted to it!
My tiny crochetneedle is having a deep wintersleep.

Here are some of the projects I have been making the last months. 

Started with my first Lopapeysa!
Took a virtual knitting class at Craftsy from the famous Raga Eiriksdottir.

Totally happy with the result I started a second one.

Why not try a pair of socks? 


With the description found on this blog I was able to knit my first pair.

Bought beautiful yarn at Sock made by hand for the 2nd and 3rd pair ...
... growing a small addiction into sockknitting.

Minou is still very helpful taking care of my yarn.

On Sunday (once a month) I am joing the knitting club at Vrijstaat-O.

In December I took my crochet needle (size 4.5 instead of 0.75) again and started crocheting some christmaspresents using the starstitch.

My son asked me to knit him a fishermanssweater from the book: Visserstruien by Stella Ruhe. 
The pattern used for this one was URK 2.

Some new yarns from Bart&Francis are waiting to be transformed into something nice!


Lucie Tales said...

Wow! I'm impressed!!

beadhen said...

All of your projects are tremendously gorgeous and covetable...

cristina said...

Wow, you knit perfect!

Viktoria said...

I´m deeply impressed Sandra!
You are a profi knitter already, I guess your family is happy to keep you busy with lots of orders!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Did you know that the pattern for your son's fisherman sweater is named after Urk, a little harbour town on the Ijsselmeer, known for it's fishing fleets?

Love what you are doing!