Thursday, December 31, 2009

The LBB instead of the LBD

Just been knocked out for 2 days with migraine (too late with the medication) , tried to sleep it through, and now I can't sleep anymore.
So time for ...

Everybody should know the 3-letter word LBD (little black dress) and maybe have one ?  I don't, it's not really my style, nor have I the size for wearing one  :-) but I do have a LBB - my little black book.
A new notebook for 2010 I bought in Copenhagen.  It small, square and quite a lot of blanc pages are inside.

I always have it with me to note down :

designs I want to make, materials and techniques I want to combine (very good when I have a sleepless night - lots of thoughts pass through my mind then), websites I want to visit whenever internet is not nearby,
recipes, tips for books and/or writers, things I see when I travel, quotes, items the people I love mention through the year ... so my list is easy when birthdays or Christmas is on it's way .... and a lot more !

This book is very precious to me as you can imagine. 

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