Saturday, February 20, 2010


On Michela's request from : it's my turn to be a busybody and I'd like to see what's inside the handbag of....

- a "Swiss" domestic engineer (Juanita)

- a Belgian travel agent (Sandra)

- a Belorussian photographer (Olga)

- a Japanese housewife (Mami)

Thank you Ladies!

Hope you all have a good weekend and some sunshine..I dont' know why but it always rains on the weekend here.... :-(

So here we go  ... I am also a very tidy person, so you will not see great and special things in my purse :

As you can see, I am already a bit older ... I need an agenda to help my memory and some reading glasses to see what I am writing in this agenda :-)   I always have a shoppingbag in my purse so I don't need plastic bags from the shops.  And I always carry around my Migraine-tablets.

So I am curious to see if one of you has other things in your purses !


Michela said...

Hi Sandra!
Thank you for accepting to play my tag! ...I must confess you I had to hide my yellow Tampax! LOL!
Hope you have a light day at office! xxx

Mami said...

Obviously I am not a tidy person though..why dont you stop by if you like it
Thank you for shring!

Have a great Sunday!

Juanita Tortilla said...

The first thing I see, is that lovely red bracelet!!!