Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nature can't be stopped

Due to the problems with the dustcloud coming from the Eyafjallajökull about 25000 Belgians are stuck on their holidaydestinations at the end of this eastervacation.  Up to now the the restriction to fly it's untill this evening 8 pm.  A 2nd dustcould is on it's way.  As being a travelagent we have a lot of work to calm down the clients that can't take off or come back.  If everybody would understand that nature can't be stopped and that we are doing all that we can to make this situation as comfortable as possible, it would be a great help.

In this decade people want an immediate solution for everything ... but there are no solutions ! We can't stop nature !

I am taking off to work today with the intention to help a much as possible, but it will be another black day in tourism today !


Juanita Tortilla said...

Yes Sandra, I am wishing you a lot, a lot, and a lot of patience because of the impatient flight customers.
There is nothing YOU can do about airport closures and flight cancellations, what more an erupting volcano!
But I can imagine it must be frightening to not have a way home, while stranded in a foreign place / airport.

I do hope this thing will blow over (literally), and the busy people get back happily to their busy homes and schedules.

Michela said...

You have all my sympathy! xxxx

fleurfatale said...

The clients can't blame anyone, it's for their own safety they can't fly!
People always think they can control everything, in this case , nature is the most powerful! We just have to accept that!

Green thumb said...

Hi Sandra, hope you're having a good rest today! I just wanted to leave you my new signature and address ;-)
Michela xxx

cri-cri said...

gewoon je glimlach behouden, dit is voor elk zijn/haar les om iets uit te leren...soms heb je de dingen gewoon te aanvaarden en er het beste van te maken... en tegen de stroon invaren is nergievergend ...niet doen ;-)