Friday, April 23, 2010

Tips for trips

Next week we will be travelling to London for a few days.  My son (almost 17), daughter (20 y) and
my hubby & me  will be strolling around in London, avoiding the most popular sites. 
So if anyone has nice tips please share them !


Veerle said...

Geniet ervan!
Ik blogde over Londen een paar weken geleden ...
Was je ooit al in de Kew Gardens? Bij mij lang geleden, maar vond het wel knap!
En het speelgoedmuseum in Bethnal Green?

Michelle said...

Oh, that is great,
wish you a fantastic Time in London!!

donauluft said...

Yes I have one! If you have limited traveling budget so you better absolutely avoid to visit the amazing bead shop near Covent garden! (´s in Tower Street).... you may probably know...

Another tip : the portrait museum, it´s somewhere near St Martin in the fields, and there (St Martin..) they have a nice cafe in the Catacomb where you can take your five-o-clock-tea very smart, after having listened to a rehearsal of St. Martin of the fields Orchestre in the Cathedral above...........but my experiences are a few years back, so I don´t know what it looks like today!....Have a nice weekend!

Michela said...

Wow! Have a great time in London!
Sorry, but I can't give you any tip, as I spent 3 days in London.. and obviously I visited only the most popular sites.
Have a lovely weekend :)

Angel.Pearls said...

Sounds just great -enjoy your trip! (sorry, no tips-but i'd love to do London myself soon!) Love//Eva

Olga said...

Good luck in London! My biggest advice is Tate Modern and a stroll down the Thames :) (you can see some shots here:

Lovely collage!
P.S. is zsa zsa zsu the Carrie Bradshaw term? ;)

Juanita Tortilla said...

Oh Sandra, you are probably the person who already knows all the must-see-must-do things about London.
Have a great time! Can't wait to hear what you and family spent your time in London. I'm sure it is nothing but fun :)