Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vacation fun package

My friend VĂ©ronique has sent me a lovely package with vintage wool.  This wool was (is ? I don't repare them anymore ...) used to repare socks.
She found it on a vintagemarket.  It came with the message that this should be used during my
vacation, as it is very small and can be taken everywhere in the bag she added to the package. Pack my crochetneedle and some wooden beads and off we

And ... of course my favorite green !


Juanita Tortilla said...

... and knowing Sandra has magical hands, she will turn these ordinary strings into wonderful art!

Green thumb said...

What a sweet thought! You surely won't get bored during your trip! Have a great time :)

cri-cri said...

heerlijk, is idd sokkenwol... heb egens ook nog zo enkele kaartjes liggen :-) ... en heel fijne reis Sandra, wanneer ben je terug ?

Angel.Pearls said...

So nice..pretty green..and useful to bring on a trip! Love//Eva