Thursday, July 8, 2010

The postman never rings twice

This morning I heard the doorbell ... and as my postman never rings twice I went to see.
I've got a surprise package from my friend Inge from Cri-cricurieux !
Have a look at her shop to see the beautiful things she makes.
She spoiled me sssssssssoooooooo very much ! Have a look what she has sent me :

a nice note

a beautiful handwritten quote on handmade paper

a nice scent of fresh lavender came out of the box

waw ! She knows my passion for beads and threads and spoiled me with this.
Even paperthread that I have never used before. A new challenge !

beautiful and special beads !

and a tiny handmade little box ...

A beautiful and perfect fitting ring made of an old silver fork !!!
A 'piece de résistance' !
Unbelievably beautifully made !

Here you can really still see the shape of the fork.

A beauty !!! Thanks so very very very much Inge !


Green thumb said...

What a generous parcel! And so "summer-looking"!

Annuk said...

Wonderful package :)! I love those beads!!!

cri-cri said...

zo blij dat jij blij bent :-))

Anonymous said...

Super leuk pakje, en wat een leuke ring!

ArtMind said...

Wow, wat een supermooie verrassing - alles! Verrassingspakjes zijn de beste van allemaal! :)