Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My first craftmarket

3 more nights to (no) sleep and I can put up my stand at my first craftmarket.
I have done a lot of preparations for this event, so hopefully I will have a 
lot of people passing by. I am nervous and curious at the same time. 
I won't be alone as Veer(le) from meervanveer will be there too, and it's 
also her first time. 
Cross fingers for good weather ! 
Information can be found on 


Green thumb said...

Oh dear!
Sandra why are you so scared and nervous?! Your jewellery is wonderful and you're used to workshops, etc! Take it easy, you will sell a lot, I'm sure!!!
Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your stall!

donauluft said...

I wish you a sunny day, and many sales!

Juanita Tortilla said...

I wish I could go !
It's very exciting, and I am sure, all your hard work will not go to waste!

Ann said...

Gaat zeker een topper worden, als het weer wat meezit. Spijtig dat het zo ver is want ben ontzettend benieuwd hoe je kraam er gaat uitzien. Alvast heel veel succes!!!! Fijne dag nog, en rustige nachten......

Nancy van den Boom said...

Sandra I am sure you will have a wonderful day at the craftmarket. Ofcourse it is exciting! I felt the same at the Sunday Market! But it is fun and hopefully the weather is nice. You will be so proud of your booth I am sure! I wish you a lovely day and many many sales.

Veer - glasjuwelen en andere creaties said...

Sandra, These words are mine too ! I have the same feeling ! But I'm sure we are going to have a great day with a lot of fun and the sun will be there (from time to time) !!!! They announce almost no rain-risk ! See you this weekend !!

karuski said...

You're busy with craft market preps too, same here! I wish you a lovely day with sales. Have fun!

cri-cri said...

Wow Sandra, I send you sun and many luck !! and if I can do the trip in my car and it's sunny , maybe I came over sunday...but take pictures to show us ... I'm sure it will be a great succes !!