Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A new experience

My very first 'craftmarket' was a great new experience. 
* I was up at 04u30 am : the early bird catches the worm ! ;-)

* arriving at the spot was disappointing as nobody was there .... yet. 

* the booths arrived and we could get started making a nice presentation of our handmade things

* I learned to know my craftmarketpartner Veer(le) and we changed virtual life for real life experiences ! She is a great lady and her knitwork is fabulous. She makes beautiful glass jewelry.

* waiting for the first customer and comments

* getting used to the cold (I had put on 3 sweaters and a coat and a pair of thights under my pants)

* watching about 10.000 persons passing by in those two days

* dealing with raindrops

* a mix of smells (hamburgers, fish, chocolate, caramel) and sounds of different kinds of music

* having very nice conversations with Americans, Canadians, English, French, Italian and Spanish persons,  they all really appreciated the handmade stuff

* having fun with the ladies of the booth next to me. They where selling 2nd hand toys for charity and really  had a lot of fun.

* being very happy to have my friend around on saturday for support, a nice chat and being a fan and customer of both our booths.

* on sunday finally met Trudis in real life too as she is from Spain and came to pay a visit to her sister that  lives in Bruges ! Happy to get to know this very nice lady !

* Two very interesed ladies came to ask me where the craftmarket was ... so we had to disappoint them  saying that it was only the two of us representing this market.  But we had a very nice chat too and  now I became a fan of their blogs too
   www.allemaalsterrekes.blogspot.com and   www.vrouwtjegekruid.blogspot.com

* being happy but very tired and the end of each day !

* and being motivated enough to take a second change on the 3rd of
October to be on the Marché Bricolé market 

Here you can find the pics and report from Veer(le)


X by Leina Neima said...

It seems to be interesting and intense experience! Hopefully you did sell also well... :=)

Green thumb said...

See I was right?! Glad you had a great day and lot of fun!

donauluft said...

must have been a funny day for you, if you are motivated to try it once more! nice pics!

Lucie said...

Wow! You're brave Sandra! I've never been to a craftmarket as a seller yet...I'm too scared lol

Annuk said...

Great post! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Nogal goed dat het bij jullie tenminste de moeite was om naar te kijken! Anders waren we helemaal voor niets gekomen ;)

ArtMind said...

Looks fab, Sandra! Sounds like a great first fair except for the cold. Wish me luck and sunshine - i have an outdoor fair this weekend! ;)
I love the picture with the 'muziekkapel' LOL :) Typical Belgian I think! :)

Yael said...

What a lovely day you had - wish you many more of those!

Trudis Felt said...

Very nice Lady! Igualmente chica! Un beso desde España.

cri-cri said...

de ervaring telt ...en het wordt vast beter met meer deelnemers ;-)

Nancy van den Boom said...

wat een leuke post! Zo enthousiast en uitgebreid. Heerlijk om te lezen! Mooie foto's ook Sandra!
Dank voor het delen.