Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nostalgic, sad and mad !

Yesterday we had a fair going on in the street where my office is.  Just in front of the office
there was a stall that sold these 'apples on a stick'.  I only eat one every couple of years and they remind me of my childhood.  I was tempted by the smell of the melted sugar.
I was very sad when I wanted to go home to see that my bike was stolen. 
Mad, because it was locked and in front of the office with a lot of people passing by, and still somebody
had the guts to steal it.


Green thumb said...

Sorry to hear about your bike. come that in front of your office you have all these lovely events? (I still remeber the giant cake months ago!)

donauluft said...

I´m sorry for you, Sandra! It´s so annoying !
..hope it was not a very expensive one!

esque said...

Ahh, sorry to hear your bike got stolen! That is the worst!! Will insurance cover that?

Trudis Felt said...

Die appeltjes doen me altijd terugdenken aan de kermisdagen uit mijn kindertijd! Ik hoop dat je fiets nog wordt teruggevonden.
Groetjes Trudis

Juanita Tortilla said...

What a horrible person!!!
Trying to think on positive side: You can now get a new bike?

How did you manage to do home without the bike? :(