Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flickr Favorites

As we are travelling to Berlin next week ... a little glimpse of what's to see.

3. DHM

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Yael said...

This is 21 years already? Unbelievable how the time flies!
I have been in Berlin only ones - the wall was still up and the train went through East Germany - that was quite an experience (dogs walking under the train before leaving the station, looking for people wanting to flee! I then went to East Berlin to visit the Pergamon Museum - believe me that was another unforgettable thing (but the museum was marvelous)!
I would like to visit Berlin today - we'll have to do some planning! Will you tell us about your visit? Some photos perhaps? That would be great Sandra!

Green thumb said...

I'd love to visit Berlin one day!
Hey! Did you send some rain on my way?! :)

Saartje Kraal said...

Have fun in Berlin!
Groetjes, Saartje

donauluft said...

I envy your trip, Sandra! I never have been there and it is at the very top of my list!
..you have to test another hotel? ...lucky you!