Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Impressions of the QB Kadomarkt

Some impressions of the QB Kadomarkt in Bruges last sunday

 early and cold on a sunday morning

Aline Vandeplas organised this market - this is her ateliershop

Jorge Manilla : the master himself

A lace workshop at the Quartier Bricolé shop

 Nicole Lonneville

 The brave ones outside : Petit JJ,  Frieda Degeyter and students from Jorge Manilla

          Villa Pardon
 and of course : me

Thanks to Mr Eddy Maus for the pictures


Juanita Tortilla said...

Hey, dangerous to operate the car and camera at the same time! :D But that was a good driving shot.

From the pictures, the event must have felt very "arty" and inspiring! I am sure you made a lot of new friends! :)

Tante Tuut said...

Je had geluk dat je kon binnenstaan! Mooie presentatie van je juwelen!!
Groetjes van Trudis

Green thumb said...

That place surely bursts out of creativity!
Lovely to see you again :)

Annuk said...

Beautiful!!! Great artful atmosphere! Must have been quite cold outside ha :)?

Lucie said...

Very quiet atmosphere...just before the rushing crowd I bet :)