Thursday, December 16, 2010

My creative space

Making a display for my earrings
needed :
an old framwork
old books or newspapers
dremel drill to make little holes in the plastic cover of the framework



Juanita Tortilla said...

Hey very clever! I see that these earrings are to match your necklaces :)

Green thumb said...

You're such a tidy lady! xxx

Nancy van den Boom said...

Lovely display Sandra.

fleurfatale said...

oooh, I love the idea, and indeed, such a tiny worktable!

Tante Tuut said...

Ook druk bezig met de voorbereidingen zie ik! Mooie display voor je oorbellen!! Origineel.
Groetjes en verkoop goed hé!

happyment said...

Great idea! Love it!

ottupura said...

great idea!
very original:)

Lucie said...

What a very clever display! :)

Eline S. said...

Tof ideetje! ;)