Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snapshots of London

My daughter and me went to London for a 3 day trip and this is what we saw.

Dim Sum anyone ? Or next doors new attraction,

African wraps near Spitalfields market on Sunday.

The Up Sunday Market at Brick Lane, full of vintage and handmade original items and lots of foodstalls ! Great atmosphere here.

Entry to one of the many vintage and handmade markets on Brick Lane

Hanmade buttons rings on Brick Lane

Camden of course was on our list to stroll around the old stables, see original designs and handmade goods.
We ran into a beautiful booth with handmade Turkish Oya Lace named Vividcolors, too bad she has no 
website yet.  

(this is not made by Vividcolors)

Hatton Garden the jewellery quarter was visited too. 
We hoped to find a large selection of gemstones at
Bellore and Rashbell but we found out that these shops are more for silver and gold jewellery makers.

On a former visit to London we ran into Buffy Beads ...
so now again, thrilled to visit and buy gemstones 
at this beautiful but tiny shop.  

On Oxford street we saw many people walking around with huge paperbags marked Primark.  We finally found this huge shop. It's like a combination of H&M but with Wibra prices and lots of women going wild :-)

A wig anyone ?


On monday it's closing day for many shops in

We visited the famous jewellery collection, but too bad this is one of the sections where you can't make pictures. It is really worth a visit. These are some of the designers that got my full attention :
and I loved the cast iron jewellery/fer de Berlin in black filigree

 The V&A museum - a contrast between very old an very modern - a lamp entirely
made of hangers.

Of course we've paid a visit to Harrods too, but
only the departement of Pet kingdom ... just to see
how pets are spoiled ... Spamassage with candles, hairdressers, fitnessroom with flatscreens and a huge range of fashion for dogs and cats.

We where lodging at the BW The Cromwell on
Gloucester Road.  Perfect !


Mellie - Stoff Papier Farbe said...

That looks like lots of fun! Wonderful craft works.

Where is your creative space?

Have a nice day.

Juanita Tortilla said...

All this sounds like the perfect getaway to London (my kind of getaway!).

Looking at all the diversity of cultures, it makes me miss that. (There is almost no cultural diversity here...) All the different foods and languages, especially.

I do hope to go to London, one day. The last time I visited London, I remember going to the Camden market. But that was at least 7 years ago; time for another visit :D

Tante Tuut said...

Zo te zien hebben jullie zich goed geamuseerd! London is altijd de moeite om eens een lang weekend te vertoeven hé, ik hou vooral van de markten op Brick Lane en de Chinese buurt (Soho) om lekker te gaan eten.
Besitos de Trudis

ottupura said...

Great picks:)
I was in London last year, oh it was a good time:))

vilterietje said...

looks like a wonderful trip:)

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Wycieczka z wrażeniami.

Objekte-aus-Ton said...

I am really inspired by my trip to the United States. But it´s pretty cold over here.
;-) Gaby

Green thumb said...

Welcome back Mrs!
Such a different perspective from the classic "royal" London!

cri-cri said...

hopelijk zijn de batterijtejs weer wat opgeladen en fijn je terug te hebben hier :-)

Lucie said...

I'm just green with envy! I love this town :D

Yael said...

How lovely - a mother/daughter trip!!

Veer - glasjuwelen en andere creaties said...

Dit moet fantastisch geweest zijn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!