Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Times change in travelbusiness

There was a time when the internet was non existing and we had to sell hotels by brochures.  This week I started cleaning up all these old brochures as now hotels
have flashy websites, photoshopped and perfect people walking around the hotels,
mouthwatering buffets, virtual tours ...

I ran into some flashy vintage furniture, 80ties hairdo, buffets that are not really tempting, old cars ... click on the picture to see how the hotels looks now (if it
is still existing ;-))


Juanita Tortilla said...

Running a hotel is also a 'fashionable' business -- must keep up with the times!
I am sure not many people will want to stay in a 70's/80's hotel with brown and orange retro decor :D

Oh that buffet spread!!! :D It was considered art :D

ArtMind said...

OMg, dat buffet is walgelijk! :)
Grappige post, Sandra!

Lucie said...

These vintage pictures are awesome ;D

cri-cri said...

heerlijk...en dat we dat toen blijkbaar normaal vonden ;-))

Green thumb said...

That's so true!
The internet has really damaged your business! And not only that one!

vilterietje said...

zo herkenbaar en nostalgisch:)

donauluft said...

haha retro chic!
the dining room already could also be heigh of fashion!

Sandra said...

Super !!!!! Waar heb je dat nog uitgehaald ??