Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How does 65 km fit into 65 m ?

A clever photograper, Jo Struyven had the idea of making 
pictures of our 65 km of Belgium coast but taken from a boat, so you have the perspective sailers have. A landview ... not a seaview as usual.  He fitted this 65 km
into one large picture of 65 m and this is now hanging
in Ostend at the seafront.
Really worth a visit. 

This is part of the building where the picture hangs.

Wanna see the seaview of this picture ?  Click here .


Viktoria said...


Eline S. said...

Het lijkt me leuk om eens te gaan bezoeken ;)

Yael said...

Sometimes people have just that special flash in their head, an unexpected idea - and view of them transfer it to reality! This is one of those creative sparks to enjoy! Wonderful!

cri-cri said...

die kom ik in september bekijken... we zijn daar dan wat Laura gaat met haar groepje zingen ;-)