Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wild cats and kitties

Last years wild 'herbie kitten' has become a catmother too.  But she still loves
to sleep in flowerpots or on a table ...  weirdest position ever !
 I thought
she was dead as her head was hanging so deep over the edge of the table.

Oops, I woke her up ! Look at the suspicous look in her eyes, she really is so wild, I can't touch nor come near to her, so I had to take the pictures from behind my window.

Feeding her and the her mothers kitties ... yep, we have a lot of
wild cats and kitties in the garden coming by to be fed.


Yael said...

Such a funny position to sleep!!!
She is very beautiful - and that last photo: we have three cats, they would NEVER eat from one bowl! They also never sleep together. Each one is so different from the others in personality. One, Tami, keeps her distance and stays out of trouble, the other two Luna and Goldie constantly fight - Luna ist the boss and Goldie wants to take that position away from her. You can not image what kind of chasing around the garden is there sometimes - up the tres, down the trees! Then I send them Dafi our dog, with one WUFF she restores order! :-)

Lucie said...

What a weird position to sleep! :D And those cute kitties!...we have only one cat she's so jealous and possessive!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Although she is wild, I would love to take her in my arms--how can you stand it sometimes not to be able to just pet her? What a cutie!

vilterietje said...

mooie fotootjes van achter je raam:)

Luc - Christel - Gaëtan said...

They are spoiled... but I would not be able te resist it as well.

One of our cats, Fientje likes to sleep in boxes, even the smallest one she need to try if she can fit in.


Juanita Tortilla said...

That is a going to be a neckache! :D

Like a pride of mini lions, they are sticking together. You don't see much of the male cats?

Anonymous said...

Wat een grappige positie! Echt gek hoe katten in de vreemdste posities kunnen slapen! Een vriendin van mijn ouders vertelde me dat haar katje soms op de stoelleuningen slaapt waardoor hij dan valt als hij in slaap valt :D

En het is duidelijk dat je er geen katje meer kan bijnemen ;)

Annuk said...

How sweet they all are!!!!!
I hope the mommy cat gets tamer, so you can pet her, she looks so sweet! And it would be nice if the mother cats could be neutered some day... maybe there's a neutering program in your area?

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Kocia przystań, wszelkiej maści. Miło popatrzeć.

rozemie said...

Duidelijk geen katje om zonder handschoenen aan te pakken ! Wat heeft ze een prachtige pels, die kleuren met dat beetje koper in. Inspiratie voor een haakwerkje ?

Valentina Donatiello said...


Michela said...

Your garden looks like a crowded place, isn't it?
I cannot believe she was sleeping in such a bad position!