Thursday, September 1, 2011

No rush today

picture taken in the summer of 1995

... on the 1st of September here.
 Little kids grow fast. 
The rush for starting Highschool/University is postphoned to the 26th of September.  But ... enough to do to make sure that both the kids
will have a nice room/studio in Brussels/Gent.  Our daughter will continue her Master Social Work and
our son will start a Bachelors degree in Podium Techniques.
The house will be quiet ... and I  will be impatiently waiting untill friday when they come home (with their bags of dirty laundry ;-) .
Time flies !


vilterietje said...

zó op moeders schoot en zó de vleugels uitgeslagen! maar let op mijn woorden, na een paar weekjes denk je: oef, alweer weekend:)
wat gaatde tijd toch snel!

Michela said...

As cute as their mummy!
I hadn't still realised it was already the 1st of September!

Yael said...

Lovely photo - ever so sweet memories - nothing is better than love! We, who have it are the richest and luckiest people of all!
This picture made me happy!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Oh you are lucky to have such smart beautiful and healthy kids!

ArtMind said...

Heel confronterend ook hoe de tijd vliegt hé! Veel courage - die stilte in huis, dat went wel en tja, die zakken vuile was daar spartel jij je wel doorheen!

Luc - Christel - Gaëtan said...

Ja bij ons is Gaëtan ook vertrokken. Weliswaar nog maar naar het derde, maar het gaat razendsnel.

Het wordt weer even wennen aan het ritme... maar dat zijn we weer snel gewoon.


cri-cri said...

het is weer opnieuw tijd krijgen voor jezelf , je relatie en je omgeving ...wordt vast heel prettig !

Lucie said...

That's a very happy picture of your children when they were little kids!!

Viktoria said...

I remember this well Sandra.. be sad to see them leave..and to be proud to see them leave at the same time
Every cloud has a silver lining ....maybe there will be more time to create for you??

Juanita Tortilla said...

You must also feel proud that your 2 not-so-little children are already well on their way to becoming responsible and contributing adults. Well done Mami und Papi! :D

Annuk said...

Such sweet memories!!!
Yes, time flies... and the little birds learn to fly! :)