Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wreath from an old book tutorial

Instead of taking time to read a good book, I managed to destroy some old pocketbooks to make a nice wreath.
Recycled and goodlooking.

What do you need :
no time to read
a bad pocket book (or two)
I used headpins, but you can also use a gluegun
of course a wreath (can be foam or straw)
If you want you can paint the edges of the book in grey or brown for
a more ancient look

 The way I pinned the papersheets onto the wreath

After the first layer, flip over and continue.

Fold and roll the sheets in different ways for a messy look.

Chapter 41 already ... time for coffee !

For the center of the wreath I usd the sheets cut in half,
to give it a bit more depth.

Tada !

But so see how a professional does this,
click here !


cri-cri said...

hoeft niet altijd zo professioneel hoor...die is minstens even schoon !!

JoChapeau said...

Wauw, tof zeg !

De Zilverij said...

PRAAAAAAAAACHTIG, wil ik ook!!!!!

little red home said...

Hoi Sandra, leuk idee!
Je hebt je haaknaald toch niet in de wilgen gehangen hè?!
Groetjes, Anne-Marie

Anonymous said...

Leuk idee, hopelijk hangt hij nu niet in de regen :)
Ik maakte vorig jaar met de kinderen in de leesclub: http://www.knutselidee.nl/vouwen/egelvouwen.htm
Ze zijn er tot op vandaag van onder de indruk dat ze een boek zo mochten vernielen!

OCTOPOES said...

Geweldig mooi zeg! Steekt prachtig af tegen die grijze wand en geeft tegelijk een 'intellectueel' en landelijk effect.

Made in Suisse said...

I don't think i could ever bring myself to tearing books although I have read some bad ones in my time! The wreath looks great though. Your necklace arrived yesterday and was the true highlight of my day, even prettier in real than on the photos. I love it, thank you SO much for letting me know you had made another one!

Cait Throop said...

Ooooo very festive and creative!!

vilterietje said...

wow! super idee, ik denk dat ik daar ook eens an ga beginnen:)

A garden just outside Venice said...

Love it! Shame that my crafty skills are non-existent ;-)