Monday, April 23, 2012

The 1m² event in pictures

A big 'thank you' to Mitsy from Artmind

to make this event to such a great experience for all of us participants !

I tried to take pictures when people came in and started setting up their booth on their 1m² spot. 
Sorry that the quality of the pictures is not very good.

Ok ... 1m² is really petite !

Starting to build the booths

A real good idea from the Eeclaire ladies !
All of their handmade collections in boxes, it's really a surprise to open up the box and see what is inside, pick your color and have a seat !

De Knappe Knoopjes and het Stikstation

Jo Chapeau is still unloading her car

Pascale from Karwij started building her cute booth

some even looked for a cute cover of their 1m² before started to build the booth

Pelkens Vilt ... the ceiling is the limit !

Sweet Karen from Stempels Karen

The etsy booth at the income with Marta at work

Mieke Recour with beautiful handmade silk jewelry ...
 ever so light that
it could be held by this fabulous paperlampshades

Jo Chapeau is ready. A bouquet of  pretty hats !

Great idea too !!! But one wouldn't expect less from LocaLoca ;-)

Fabulous bags, but very bad picture (I am sorry)
from Bleu Celeste !

Still working on displaying her cute lampshades :

Too bad I didn't make better pictures of MarieMoo's! collection,
she makes the prettiest things !

Martine and Brigitte had a lot of fun building their enormous booth
 for their cute little paintings

me ! I was on the groundfloor and even forgot to
take pictures from my sweet neighbours that shared this
But you can find more pictures here.

Recognize the famous Vip shopping at my booth ;-)  

Thanks to all visitors that helped to make this
day an unforgettable one !

Next one on 90 x 90 cm? ;-)


Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Great impression, Sandra! I love all the images you took - I missed most of it all since I was so busy running around like a headless chicken! LOL :)

Nancy van den Boom said...

Such a lovely post with all those creative 1m2-s! Very inventive to use the minispace! So good to read you had a unforgettable day!

Viktoria said...

How wonderful! and genial idea to cut the space to this!

little red home said...

Hoi Sandra, dat waren een heleboel vierkante meter winkeltjes zeg! Erg leuk om te zien, zeker ook die van jou. Je kon er toch nog heel wat sieraden op kwijt. Leuk om eens een VIP in de shop te hebben(zonder rokje?!).
Fijne week!
Groetjes, Anne-Marie

NorraSud by ROROISM said...

great foto-relation indeed.
most probably i am still under the table-preparing on 'my' picture ;-)

JoChapeau said...

Wat een leuk verslagje ! Supertof, al die foto's van iedereen !

Annuk said...

What a gorgeous event, Sandra!!!! And what a challenge in such a small space!
It was sure lots of fun! :)

I'd love you to join Zoe's kitty party on my blog! :)

Fam Ameel said...

Aha de enige echte Zsazsa! :)

Jou standje zag er ook wel tof uit.

cri-cri said...

jullie hebben het schitterend gedaan..heel inventief !!

Annemiek - TwoTrees said...

Prachtig verslag, dank je wel, ben nog ana het nagenieten :) met een chocolaatje erbij ;)

Juanita Tortilla said...

What an extraordinary league of artists. I almost feel I do not deserve to be looking at their stands!

Lucie said...

Wow! Such brilliant displays! I love yours Sandra, these rough planks from works displaying your so delicate crocheting, you know how much I love contrasts, as much as you do, bravo!!! I hope you've been ransacked?

Anonymous said...

jullie hadden allemaal super leuke stands!! 0,90 x0.90 m oef ... was leuk je gesproken te hebben.

krex said...

Great pictures and your booth turned out very well . I think that was a good stretch for imagination to make things fit and the results are very impressive .

Anastasia said...

Such a fun and great idea and your report! :)
I love the idea with boxes to open too! :)
Thank you for sharing this great event with us, Sandra! I'm sure you had a great day!

Yael said...

One square meter! Unbelievable how creative people can be!!! Thank you for the photos Sandra, that was all so interesting to get a glimpse of! I can see that this was a wonderful experience!
Have a lovely day!!!! :-)

Saartje Kraal said...

Zag er keileuk uit! Ik kon helaas niet langskomen, stond zelf op een marktje. Mooie stand had je!
Groetje van Saartje

Veerle - glasjuwelen en breicreaties said...

't Zag er echt wel tof uit !! Jammer dat ik dit gemist heb