Monday, April 2, 2012

The hype

Oh yes, I succumbed for the new hype too !
Making skirts in a very simple and easy way.

I bought the book, had some nice linen fabric waiting and got started. 
 Minding I followed about 3 years of evening class : sewing  - about 20 years ago and ever since not really took
place behind my sewingmachine on a regular basis. 

The book told me not to use pins but small pieces of something that weighs to put on the pattern, so I took some nice pebbles.  I did the same for bringing over the pattern on the fabric ...
waw ... what a difference this was in comparison to what I learned all these
years ago, remembering how to try to find your way on a Burda pattern.

When it comes to sewing ... well just 1 cm of  extra for the seams is necessary. 
No more extra drawing on your fabric, just put it under the machine
and start stitching.
No tailorchalk is involded, no extra stringing before sewing, no pins used, put in the zipper with the machine not by hand ... etc !

So ... fun !
No comparison to the lessons I had back in 1991.

Ok ... I did not take a great picture of the final result ( I made a short A-line skirt) ... I made the size 46 (and it suits perfectly) and
my legs are still like 2 milkbottles, so I think you understand why :-)

The book is fun, a totally different style than what you would expect from a 'sewing'manual.

By the way : another 6 weeks of no crocheting is ahead of me as
the 'crochet'elbow is stil in a bad condition.


Tante Tuut said...

Heel goed gedaan Sandra! Ik wou dat ik dit boek hier ook kon kopen, zal eens aan mijn zus moeten vragen om het in reserve voor me te houden.
Zo zie je uit alle negatieve dingen komen positieve tevoorschijn ;-) Zonder je zere elleboog had je deze mooie rok misschien niet gemaakt.
Groetjes van TT

één vierkante meter said...

Ohh, ik heb denk ik ongeveer hetzelfde linnen stofje liggen! :)
Maar voor het eerste rokje dat ik ga maken uit het boek kies ik een vrolijk bloemenprintje! En misschien ga ik nog wat stof scoren op 1m2! :)
Fijn dat je de draad weer opgenomen hebt, nu je niet kan haken, kan je je volledig uitleven op de naaimachine!
Veel plezier er mee!

Yael said...

Great Sandra - now you are at it, make some more - spring is here and summer is lurking!!! :-)

Juanita Tortilla said...

Going against doctor's rules! :D

But I can understand -- it is a prison if you cannot do at least a little bit of crafting.

1cm seam allowance! I like that kind of sewing pattern.

Today I FINALLY finished a dress I was experimenting. 3 whole working days spent on it. Never again.

Me too, I was just thinking today, that the world cannot see my awful dry and off-colour legs :D

Lucie said...

The perfect outfit for this coming spring!! I should do some sewing too, I need some new pants in a spring color :)
Poor you, with that crochet elbow tendinitis ((((hugs)))))

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

It looks fantastic to me! I think I'm going to go check out your book--have to see what it's all about.

CreativEls said...


Ziet er goed uit, voor wat we te zien krijgen :-). Fijn dat je er plezier aan hebt beleefd. Binnenkort maak ik ook een rok uit dat boek.
Veel beterschap met de arm.

Lieve groetjes,


JoChapeau said...

Tof tof! Join the club!

Anastasia Egórova said...

How fun, Sandra! Sewing is definitly contagious! Love this freedom you speak about!
And by the way your skirt looks great!
I wish you could crochet soon!
Warm hugz from sunny Mallorca!

Anastasia Egórova said...

It's a pity the book isn't in language I can understand. But the sketches are very comprehensive! And fotos are fun!

Happy in red said...

NU al een rok gemaakt! Wat geweldig!!

A garden just outside Venice said...

Sorry to hear your elbow is still in pain :(
Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter and above all a speed recovery!

cri-cri said...

ja ik ga het ook kopen...alles wat makkelijker kan moeten we tenslotte maar uitproberen ...wordt dit nu terug je hobby...ellendig van je elleboog ...

rozemie said...

Je bent altijd welkom bij mijn naaiclub 'Chic et pas cher'.... 2x per maand in de schaperye (conterdam), op dinsdagavond van 19 - 22u....