Sunday, April 15, 2012

Workshop 'photography for bloggers'

I had the honour, privilige and luck (I was on the waitinglist) to join in on a workshop
about photography for bloggers at the very succesful event of VanKatoen
in the MIAT museum yesterday.

Elza D (you know the other famous one from the 'Allemaal Rokjes'-book) and Photo-Copy-Ann (foodphotographer from Zesta - ps try the recipe it's fantastic !) shared their passion and enthousiasm
for making pictures.

The official manual of my camera (about 250 pages)  was reduced by them
to just one  A4 sheet with
the most important techniques and tips for the use of a camera.

Now I really know what most of the buttons are used for on my camera.

At the end of the workshop we all had to make a 'test' :
one apple, a museum ... and of course a camera

Hopefully you will see some difference in the quality of my
shootings in the near future.


Anastasia Egórova said...

Sounds great, Sandra!
My method is reading manuals after making a ton of mistakes :)...
It is good when there is somebody by your side you can ask for help.

Juanita Tortilla said...

Your pictures and macro shots are always good anyway, so, there might not be too much of a change to notice :D

JoChapeau said...

Ik had er ook echt graag bij geweest, bij deze workshop. Maar eerst een andere camera kopen blijkbaar ...

rozemie said...

Nog mooiere foto's ? Kandat ? Groetjes, Rozemie

Lucie said...

Wow! Must have been very interesting!

How is your crochet elbow these days? It is healing? ((((hugs)))

Marlies said...

He, bedankt voor de mooie hand -en ringfoto's! ;-) groetjes, Marlies de overbuur!

petra said...

Dat is nog eens leuk én leerzaam om te doen!!

Fam Ameel said...

Ik was diegene naast Marlies en naast Isolde (met haar groene jasje aan) Op de foto van Elza kan je me zien, ik kijk ook niet door mijn je rarara vraag hiermee opgelost? :)