Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Human Body

Sometime ago I 'travelled' through the Human Body, 
to discover what lies beneath our skin and approach what is at once familiar yet terribly foreign...
I only took a few pictures of the things that
struck me the most.

Notice the amount of bellyfat
(I am working on my amount of fat : -4 kg already !)

Lungs of a non-smoker (doesn't look very appetizing but ...

Lungs of a smoker ! (this really looked discusting)
Luckily I quit smoking a looonnnggg time ago.

Want to be immersed in the fabulous adventure of the human body ?
 click here
 until the 9th of September in Oostende.


Juanita said...

It was wanting to know about the human body that made me study Biology outside of school, which in turn changed my entire future :D

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Thank goodness I don't smoke! Argh...!!!