Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A fine thought

At first sight, I did not notice the text that was on the extra labels of this very fine wool skeins. 
Buying this wool makes you supporting local communities in Peru : a very fine thought. 


The philosophy behind the Mirasol Project is very simple, the Mirasol Project supports local communities in Peru through the sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection.
Peru’s heritage and culture of textile artistry is rich and ancient. The Mirasol Yarn Collection includes yarn made from the animals tended by these communities for generations in the Peruvian highlands. Without them we would not have this beautiful yarn.

By purchasing the Mirasol Yarn Collection you are supporting the shepherds and their families ensuring the continuation of this tradition.

A portion of every purchase goes directly to the funding of a centre in the remote area of Munani in the region of Puno.

If many more of  these projects would exist, the world would definetly become a better place to live  for each and everyone. 


Alessandra said...

I agreeIII lovely yarnI
xxx Alessandra

little red home said...

Hoi Sandra, altijd mooi om op deze manier mensen te helpen. Prachtige wol trouwens en dat etiketje ziet er ook erg mooi uit.
Groetjes, Anne-Marie

Juanita said...

I would very much like to buy these yarn from the people who spun them. Better yet, visit them in person and watch them do it, as well as take a look at their everyday lives!

JoChapeau said...

In deze wol wordt alles nog een beetje extra mooier ;-) Ook in de najaarscollectie van de wereldwinkels zijn er fairtrade alpaca mutsen en sjaals opgenomen ;-)

Yael said...

I forward this to my friend who is a knitter - she will appreciate the wool and the whole story! Thank you Sandra! :-)

Lucie said...

A fine thought and a beautiful yarn! I'm looking forward the beauty you'll make out of these spuns!