Thursday, February 21, 2013

The kitchen garden number 2

On the last day of 2012 we've got the good news that we could rent a small parcel of land to start growing a kitchen garden. 
This was the state in which we received it, still some unharvested vegetables and quite neglected.

 But no worries, we want to jump into this green adventure with both our feet.

The hubs started working in the garden every weekend and then it started to look like this : (it's all his work, I don't have the green fingers, but surely will have the pleasure of cooking and eating whatever comes out of that soil).

The virtual garden was made on computer during the period of snow we had.

Now the weather started to be a bit better, the vegetable beds were made.
Three trees are in the garden too, but we don't know yet what they will bring us; apples, pears or prunes maybe?

This was the actual state on sunday the 17th of February.

Catalogues are browsed to find the best seeds.

But .... kitchengarden number 1 needs to be taken care of too. Remember, that is the one we made in our own garden, before we knew we would get the soil in the allotment. 

Can't wait for spring to see the first seeds popping up.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Sandra--you will LOVE your garden number 2! It will be a joy to spend afternoon or summer evenings there, perhaps with a grill?

JoChapeau said...

Dat lijkt mij nogal een serieus perceeltje precies ... dat wordt genieten strakjes, al die verse lekkere groentjes ! (enne ... als ik vroeg of laat raad nodig heb, kom ik aankloppen he!)

Tante Tuut said...

Wat leuk dat jullie nu een groter stukje grond hebben, dan kun je plukgroentjes en kruiden dicht bij huis groeien. Ik heb gisteren mijn patatten geplant.... spannend hé!

ibb said...

Would love to enjoy of something like that!
Here is common too, but usually for retaired people...pity for some a bit younger ;)
Hope spring will bring you lots of fresh vergies!

JuanitaTortilla said...

I want to be greedy and ask you to share some of your vegetables with me :)

Did you rescue anything good from the neglected plants?

I cannot wait to see what will happen, and I am super jealous!!!

Anna said...

Beaucoup de travail pour beaucoup de satisfaction !

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Wow, lapje? Een hele lap zeg! Leuk hoor Sandra! :)