Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cute names and gardenghosts

  James Wong:  "the alternative guide for cool stuff to grow"

 Admit: cute names & savoury discriptions

 Found these seeds at Suttonseeds UK. They mention a delivery time of about 2 weeks, but they arrived within one week!

Update: kitchengarden@home today - gardenghosts: disguised tomatoplants

Shiitake experiment ... still looks (and smells) the same ... no changes, no fungus popping up.


vicarno's mama said...

Oh... heerlijk zeg, die speciale naampjes en zaadjes. Ik heb hier besteld : en ze komen allemaal uit : Griekse zaadjes :) :

Lucie said...

The package of these seeds are inviting and promising!!
Are the ghosts to keep the tomatoplants warm or to avoid insects?

Made in Suisse said...

I have serious garden envy when I see yours! I have just ordered online one of these "grow your own mushroom" kit and hope it'll be a bit more "successful" than yours...

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I just LOVE the radish rat tails! They look so cute.