Friday, June 28, 2013

Lost-wax casting

A while ago I joined a workshop "lost-wax casting" given by Linde Neels from Ginkgo
We worked with sheets of wax that where molded, folded, ripped, dripped, cut ... into the desired shape of the piece of jewelry we had in mind. 
Sounds easier than it is. 
I chose to make 3 pairs of earstuds, not really knowing how it would look after the process of being turned into silver pieces. 

 Macroshots: the earstuds mesure approx 1 cm.


JuanitaTortilla said...

Professional and artistic

vicarno's mama said...

Wow, vooral de bovenste, woest en teder tegelijk, zoooo schoon en frêle en sterk samen.

FishesMakeWishes said...

really cool, the two first remind me of alien planets and flowers :-)

Lucie said...

Love, love them!!! Especially the first ones! and I'm envious, I've never tried this technique, I'd love to learn it!

véronique said...

Waw! chique dinges! Goed gelukt hee!

JoChapeau said...

Ooo, zo speciaal !

Yael said...

They are very lovely Sandra, such nice work! Enjoy wearing them. :-)

Hilde said...

Very pretty and unique pieces :)