Friday, February 28, 2014

Golden coins and traditions

Received a custom order to crochet around this old French 20 Franc Gold Rooster/ Coq Gaulois. 
Although French 20 Franc “Roosters” are perhaps the most common of the European gold coins, they remain relatively scarce and of historical importance (notice the date: 1913)

In Switzerland there is a tradition to give the 'Vreneli' (Swiss 20 SFR gold coin) as a birthpresent to a god-child.
It is said, that whenever something terrible should happen in life, and no more money is left, this coin could be used to buy the most necessary things in life. 
Being half Swiss, half Belgian, and having a mother that is called Verena (Vreneli when she was little) both my kids received this coin upon birth. 


 Love to capture memories in crochet!


Yael said...

You did a lovely job Sandra, very nice. And thanks for the information! :-)

Anna said...

Lovely post with history and creativity !
Have a nice weekend !

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

It's beautiful, Sandra. A very tender and beautiful piece to cherish forever.

Nancy Sopp said...

I love that about crochet--that you can really create anything--like a bezel around a coin.

I enjoyed seeing the thin silk and tiny crochet hook that you use, too.