Monday, June 30, 2014

Bretagne: a secret tip

For our summerholiday we travelled to Bretagne - PlĂ©lauff.  A tiny and quiet village in the centre of Bretagne. 
Hired a house trough a dutch website and where suprised upon arrival about the cuteness, the comfort and all the details that made the house into a real home. The owners are taking very good care of this house and really want you to have a relaxing holiday.  We enjoyed the tiny village and its surroundings, no traffic, no noise, no stress ... just sunshine, friendly people, good food and some wine! La douce France!
Take the tour with me:

                                                            Up West at Menez Hom
 Up West at Presque'Ile de Crozon

 The South side at Port de Saint Goustan.
and of course ... The Mont Saint Michel up North.


Anna said...

Happy Holidays !!!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'm green with envy! Those mouth-watering tomatoes--the cute little house and the coast! Lucky you. Thank you for showing us, Sandra--I had a little feeling of being there.

Lucie said...

I'm glad to see you did enjoy Bretagne! The home you've rented looks so typical :)

Onlie Mie said...

Wat een prachtig vakantiehuisje! En Bretagne is de max! Wij trekken er deze zomer ook weer heen...
Inderdaad schitterend die kleine dorpjes en de nog niet overbevolkte kusten.