Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's creations with beads from all over the world

A necklace made of stones found on the beaches of Florida and the lakes of Nothern Idaho. I combined them with volcanic beads from Hongkong.
In between smal pieces of natural sea glass from the shores of England.

A short necklace made with vein agathe and volcanic beads of Hongkong.

another 'Quatre Quart' - combination of natural blue and black volcanic beads and beautiful vein agathe donuts.

A mix of different beads of Hongkong and Istanbul.

Tube vein agathe combined with aluminium pieces and silver links.

Lapis Lazuli and Turqoise mix fron Hongkong.

A mix of donut vein agathe, natural blue and black volcanic beads and big silver beads.

A mix of 'left-overs' from Istanbul !


Mami said...

Hi,these are nice chic blue. I like the colour. these are stone beads,arent they? How gorgeous!!

juanita tortilla said...

Nice, nice, nice!!!
Love how we can see your reflection in those silver beads :)

Did you get these beads while you were traveling in those places?