Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet Juanita Tortilla !

I have been mailing since quite a while with Juanita.  Found her on etsy when I started my etsy shop.  She is from Singapore, but actually living in Zürich (Switzerland) .
Her hubs had to attend a meeting in Brussels, so she took the
opportunity to come and meet me in Ostend !

Waiting for the train to arrive from Brussels.  Nice
beachwalk and some windowshopping.

The main touristtrap ... surimi fish !

Of course food and coffee and Minou !

Some of the cute items Juanita makes ! Click on the picture for her shop.
(you will find a lot of items, also jewelry ! She is multitalented).

During her visit in Brussels, Juanita and her husband where interviewed
on the 'Grand Place' ... and they appeared on the tv-news !

I really enjoyed this visit, and Juanita did too !


Viktoria said...

That was great for sure! Looks like you had fun!
like your green scarf, Sandra!!

OCTOPOES said...

Leuk, zo 'n ontmoeting die reeël wordt. En wat een prachtige foto 's!

Made in Suisse said...

Am soooo jealous of those beach walks! Glad you managed to meet up with another blogger in the flesh...isn't blogland a fantastic place? No, it is your turn to come to Switzerland and visit all of us!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Still remember the visit like it was yesterday. The smell of the sea :D

Thank you for this blog feature!!!
I am planning to blog about my Belgian visit :D

Tante Tuut said...

Het is altijd leuk om iemand uit blogland eens echt te ontmoeten hé!

Lucie said...

That seems a great meeting fro both of you! I'm jealous!!! ;D

Die van A (Luc - Christel - Gaëtan) said...

Leuk dat jullie elkaar in het echte leven gevonden hebben en er een fijne dag hebt van kunnen maken.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

How fun that would be!

Great to see web colleagues meeting up with each other!

" me " said...

hé ! da's tof !

A garden just outside Venice said...

Judging by your smile it looks like Juanita is a very funny girl! ;D

cri-cri said...

fijn dat jullie elkaar eindelijk eens zagen ...

Anonymous said...

Ziet er allemaal heel gezellig uit! Haa, tof! Ik heb Juanita en haar man 'live' op tv gezien! ;)

Anastasia said...

So nice! :)